Linking you & the Factory

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Located In The U.S.A.

Located in The U.S.A. To serve your needs in person.
C Universal Group, Tile and Marble, Plantation, FL

Linking you & the factory

We are agents from our Factories that we cooperate with. Our services extend out to you locally.

    A powerful Design Gallery

    Every day we are adding more designs


    Over 25 Models

    Our Services extend to Door Delivery. We will handle all your Logistics.

    One stop shopping. We offer our clients Full Service if needed. We will Handle the production, Shipping to Port, ISF, Custom Clearance, Trucking to your warehouse or Drop Ship.

    Outstanding Quality

    Our Extensive Inspection Process will save you time and Money

    C.U.G Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles Quality Inspections will help to protect your brand and your company’s reputation by minimizing defective Material, Customer Complaints, Non-Compliant Products, Claims in future and late Shipments.

    Unlimited Ideas for your Success in Business

    Calacatta Models

    All our products are inspected by 6 inspectors.  1 at the kiln Measuring heat, 1 at the exit of the polishing process, 2 at the light box, 1 at the packing,  1 at  the loading.

    Designs that are meticulous put together With team work and care

    Although there are many manufacturers , we are the highest in quality control and satisfaction .

    Our designs are uniquely done to stand out from the rest

    CUG High Quality Quartz, have 10 year guarantee. Our manufacturing process is compared to the Italy process.

    Real support by real people